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The Preppy Family

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5 Things You Must Include on Your Resume

1. The layout & format is important

2. You have 15-20 seconds to shine.

3. List your experience in reverse chronological format.

4. Customize your resume to each position.

5. Quantify your accomplishments.

Free Resume Sundays!!!!

"Free Resume Sunday"is a campaign The Preppy Family started to help those in need of Resume services & can't afford a professional. For those who really don't know how to ask for help & are a little too shy to reach out. That's why we ask you to just fill out the form & upload the resume. It will be sent back to you in the order it is received. 

We are proud of the work we have accomplished in the few years we have been in business & the people we have helped along the way. We only hope that this tool will be beneficial to your success.

Are You Getting Auto Rejected By ATS? Try this template!

Sample Resumes

New Resume Layout!

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