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Silver Membership

Introducing the Silver Membership, a step above the Bronze level in The Preppy Family. Elevate your business journey further with enhanced benefits. Beyond the foundational support offered by the Bronze Membership, the Silver tier is designed to assist you not only in business growth but also in personal development. Building a successful business begins with building yourself, and our dedicated team at The Preppy Family is committed to assisting you from the start, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

What's Included In The Bronze Membership

  1. 3 Entrepreneurial Books a month

  2. Investing & Marketing EMails Tip

  3. Exclusive Access To Our Marketing Blogs

  4. Legal Business Documents

  5. Free Consulting 

  6. We send Business Newsletters to your clients (If Needed)

  7. Content Creation

  8. Basic SEO

  9. Business Plan Maker

  10. Marketing Plan Maker

  11. Flyers

  12. Resume & Linkedin Help 

  13. Professional Business Cards, Invitations & Letterheads

  14. Website Update & Maintenance

  15. Business Letters

  16. Small Business Start-Up Kit eBook

  17. Company Logo Designer

  18. Postcards

  19. Office Policy Manual

  20. Contracts to Grow Your Business

  21. Advanced SEO Strategies

  22. Social Media Management

  23. Custom Graphic Design Uniforms

  24. Market Research Insights

  25. Specialized Industry Webinars

  26. Customized Training Programs

  27. Mentorship Program

Silver Membership.png
Once You purchase our Membership one of our team members will get back to you in less than 24 hours!
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