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Teaching Web Design To Everyone!

written by Lauren Prince

While learning the foundational skills to become a Web Developer is relatively straightforward, becoming a good Web Developer can be more challenging, requiring ongoing learning and effort over years. There is always something new to learn & the landscape is forever changing.

For passionate Web Developers, the forever-changing landscape & constant new tools that keep coming out are fascinating. You never know what you can do or accomplish!

The Preppy Family has been teaching others Web Design for more than 4 years now & it has been an amazing learning experience! Check out some of the stories we have on some of our recent mentees/students.

Ariana Silva

Ariana Silva is a fashion blogger who talks about everything in fashion! She has had amazingly articles featured in top-level fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Vanity Fair. But she wanted to go into business for herself. So she reached out to The Preppy Family to build her a blog site with WordPress. After that, she wanted to take it a step further. She wanted to develop her own website. With our help, she wanted to learn the ropes of web design & do it through Wix.

"Web design is extremely hard, for those who aren't used to the field. At 1st all I did was just upload my article & the site did the rest. But seeing it from the back end & all the mechanics that goes into 'just uploading' an article. It's impressive. Some people see just pictures but with my new respect for web developers it's way more." - Ariana Silva.

We are still in the midst of working with Ms. Silva on her website & she has sat with our web developer on multiple teaching occasions. We expect her to stick with it for a very long time. Wix makes web design super easy so we can skip the steps of having to teach coding. Which is a big help.

Bethune–Cookman University is a private historically black university in Daytona Beach, Florida. Students & Alumni within its Fashion Department reached out to The Preppy Family to help build their online portfolio. Being a broke college student or an alumnus just getting on their feet. Money is tight. So we offered to teach them how to build their own website for a lower cost. It's been a tough venture having to work around people's schedules from those with late classes to parents with children, those who are on & off the program & others where it's just too much for them.

Teaching those who haven't majored in something not too close to Web Design is a tough venture. When they hear web design they automatically hear coding & shut out the idea of building a site & just want to wait till they can afford for someone to build them an online portfolio. But it's not like that for everyone. Developing an online fashion portfolio is not easy work with how hard it is to impress or stand out in the market. So portfolios like this take a long time so hopefully, the people that we have in our cohort will stick with it.

Ariel Bradford

Ariel Bradford is a young entrepreneur who is in the process of building her own construction company. Her story is amazing cause not only is she a young woman in her 20s but she was a young girl passed around the foster care system. She told us about the many stories she had to go through & the trials & tribulations she went through as a young girl. But that hasn't stopped her from reaching her goal. She remembers no matter where she went there was always a construction site. After a while, she fell in love with the sound of a jackhammer or the sounds & light of a construction site.

"The Preppy Family truly gives hope to people who have aspirations to dive into fields that they don't believe they belong in. I have dreams of creating my own construction company but being a foster child I really don't have the family support to build this nor the funds. When it accounts for web design The Preppy Family understands that & has walked me through how to develop my own website. It hasn't been easy at all, not cause of them but because I am just not tech-savvy. But their patience with me has truly given me hope in understanding how to develop and do this. I know for sure by the time I finish with them & get my company off its feet I will be able to run the site myself." - Ariel Bradford

These are just a few stories we have from the many people we teach web design to & hope that it encourages you to not only learn web design but see the doors that it can open for you. Wix Education gives us the ability to teach Web Design & allows us to bypass having to teach coding. It's an amazing program & I hope after reading this you jump in with either us or find out for yourself.

Thank you for reading!

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