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Pinterest Series: Create & name a board after your Blog!

Written By: Noah Pressley

5 Tips for Naming Pinterest Boards That Will Bring More Traffic

What are Pinterest board really for or do they matter at all?

Do they help with the Pinterest algorithm?

If you have any of these questions than this blog is for you. In this blog we will discuss how to name Pinterest boards on your profile so you gain more traffic to your site.

Know Your Keywords

When choosing your Pinterest board names keywords are everything. When Pinterest 1st opened it's doors it was more than just social media, today it is a search engine & like most search engines, keywords matter.

When writing a blog their is always a topic or area that the mind subconsciously stays around. For me my area is Digital services so I would write about SEO, Sales Funnels, Website design, & building traffic. If you write about saving money you probably write about topics like frugal living, money saving tips, getting out of debt and so on. One of the keys to Pinterest board names that work is to take those keywords and use them for your board names. Simple as that.

Have Multiple Boards per Topic

You know how when you are writing your blog posts and you choose your focus keyword? You don’t choose the same keyword for each and every article do you?

No! You change it up a bit! You create more details. You create a long-tail keyword that is directed to that post.

Try this when naming Pinterest boards!

You do not have to just have one board per topic. You can have as many as you want Pinterest will gather more & more information about what your board is about & what the pins you pin are about. That means you can not only have a Juice board, but a Juice Cleanse Tips board, a healthy juices for pregnant women board, and a Lose Weight Fast Board. Now! 4 boards with the same general theme to pin your articles to, but each targets a different keyword. This way you can start to rank for all the different phrases that people could type into to search.

Now it's the time to be Witty!

It's not as hard as you think, but when choosing your Pinterest board names, you need to get straight to the point.

Name your boards the keyword. Just the keyword (or keyword phrase)

There are a couple of problems with being cute:

One– it’s not as searchable. I used this example in my article on Pinterest SEO, but which do you think would get ranked better in search; Roar Like a Dinosaur or Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas?

Two– you run the risk of ranking for words that are not your keywords. If you have words other than your keywords in your Pinterest board name you might rank for THOSE words instead. And that isn’t a good thing.

Your Description need Keyword Variations

You should not start putting related phrases into the description once you have gathered up all your keyword phrases & started creating boards. This is a good way to relate all of the keywords in to one larger topic.

So in your board description box you would say something like Juice cleansing tips to have you live a healthy living life style. Including [enter a list of all the other relevant keywords here].

Now your board is totally optimized for all of your content regarding that topic.

Stay on topic!

When it comes to the actual “Pin It” button and description, you want to make sure they are actually optimized for Pinterest. As you probably know, a good portion of your pins will eventually come from others. (And I hope they will!). This is where optimizing descriptions comes in. When it comes to the Pin It button/box & descriptions, you want to make sure they are actually optimized for Pinterest. If you are familiar with SEO then this will be like second-nature to you. If not, just think about how Google can change the results it gives based on the words people type or type them in. That is exactly what we are going to do here.

Pinterest assigns certain pins specific keywords. And everything your pin does from the day it hits Pinterest helps to decide what those keywords are. This is where your boards come in.

Remember if you have current boards that aren’t totally optimized all you have to do is go in and edit the board names and change them to something more SEO friendly. Have you optimized your Pinterest board names yet?

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