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Hispanic Marketing Pioneers!

Written By: Martin Fabian

This blog is to represent the many Hispanics that have paved the for those to step into the Marketing field. Not only that but at the time of this blog coming out it is Hispanic Heritage Month! So I hope this blog also honors my culture as well.

Successful business owners understand the importance of marketing. For many companies, good marketing strategies can mean the difference between struggling to make ends meet and thriving. It’s not enough, however, to just throw money into a marketing budget in order to run ads on television, radio, and online. You need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to get the results you’re looking for.

The Culture Marketing Council

- is known as “The Voice of Hispanic Marketing” and is the only national trade organization representing the entire Hispanic marketing, communications, and media industry.

One of the many people parts of this membership is our truly own,

Martin Fabian.

Martin has been with The Preppy Family for over 4 years now & has been a tremendous assit to the team. His job in the family is Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is a free service for website analytics that helps website owners or admins view data related to their website traffic and activity.

Use Google Analytics to sort and sift website analytics into dozens of different data dimensions and metrics, such as:

  • Which pages they visit on your website

  • How long they viewed the page

  • The browser they’re using

  • If they’re on a desktop or mobile device

  • What site they were on when they clicked over to yours

  • Which forms the user-submitted

  • How many users are currently on your site

With over 5K businesses that have come through The Preppy Family in the past 5 years of our being in business. Martin has helped almost all of them with their Google Analytics. Not only that but Martin has reached back within his own community & helped other Hispanic businesses get off the ground. From mom & pop shops to start-ups to some of the biggest brands such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Petco & more. Martin has truly mastered the art of giving back to the people that have helped him become who he is now.

Martin gives back to two groups of people. The 1st group of people is of course the Hispanic community. Martin's goal is to champion the Hispanic consumer segment and the importance it signifies to corporations seeking to grow their revenue and market share. To advocate for responsible & intentional investment in Hispanic marketing, commensurate with the enormous opportunity the multicultural majority presents.

The Hispanic consumer should be at the heart of every marketer’s strategy, growth plan, media buy, and creative campaign—failure to do risks losing market share and becoming obsolete.

Martin's other group that he gives to is the LGBTQ community. He puts together many social projects that have benefitted the youth within that community. Making sure to inform the people about what it's like to live in their world & supporting reading groups, parades, social events & so much more. Martins favorite quote that makes him proud to be who he is says...

"If I was gay why would I hide it?"

- David Copperfield

Martin's impact not just within The Preppy Family but in his local communities can be felt by anyone who knows him. It's not just marketing that makes Martin the man he is. It's the love for the community that allowed him to be who he is & proud of it.

Thanks for reading...

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