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E-Mail Marketing: Will E-Mail Marketing still be relevant for Gen-Z?

Written by Danielle Symone

The Future Of E-Mail Marketing for Gen-Z!

Marketing to Gen-Z (1996-2010) takes more strategic planning, Gen Z marketing requires more than simply selling a product. This generation is value-conscious and drawn to brands that “keep it real.” They're creative, bold, and the creators of many trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms.

When it comes to E-Mail Marketing, they disengage with clickbait. Many Gen Zers are savvy and can see through spam techniques and clickbait headlines. If they are feeling spammed, Gen Z won't hesitate to unsubscribe from your emails.

Email marketing will still be as relevant as it is today when it comes to GenZ but it has to be thought out more precise, more authentic, and more natural. Emails can't be sent from a bot they have to be sent from very informed people from that field.

Millennials have been with the internet since a young age, Gen Zers have never known a time without it. This shows that Gen Z has a tricky perspective on the world.

  • Gen Z is focused on supporting brands that equal their morals & values. This means brands that are more caught up with the times & environmentally friendly.

  • They are more focused on seeing real people in their ads than celebrities.

  • Over half of Gen Z believes that brands should offer personalized experiences.

  • Many Gen Zers rely on the internet to make informed decisions, often looking at reviews before they purchase a product.

  • Gen Z is actually enthusiastic about receiving weekly brand emails.

Gen Z is tech-savvy, progressive, and financially minded. Getting on their level through email marketing should be a fundamental tool in your arsenal.

As the largest generation in today’s economy, Gen Z is making a name for themselves and can no longer be ignored. Understanding this generation’s unique needs and wants will help you gain a loyal following, keep customers coming back, and grab their attention from competitors.

Do you have more questions about how your email marketing can adapt to Gen Z? If you have any more questions about your email marketing strategy you can reach out to us in our 24/7 hr chat bubble at!

Thank you for reading!

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