The Story of Ariel Bradford!

When you hear the story of Ariel Bradford and her life, it will leave you with a range of emotions. From being tossed around the foster care system as a young child to setting apart to having aspirations to becoming one of Durhams most successful and respected business women, this is an incredible story of resilience,discipline and hard work.

Ariel Bradford is a Durham N.C. native, tossed in the foster care system around the age of 5. She had a extremely tough life never knowing her true parents. But she didn't let that deter her from believing that she was allowed to have a good life. She would remember everywhere she went she would see construction sites & people working on the road. She would always hear the sounds of jack hammers & tractors moving across the road.

"Foster children are in care through no fault of their own. They are taken from the only family they have known, placed with strangers and reprimanded when their behaviors are out of control. A foster child's feelings are out of control because they have no control of their situation. Sometimes I would go to sleep to the sounds of the building machines in my area. There was always a building being made in my area, so it was like my way to stay calm."

Without having parents, like other kids at my school, it was tough fro Ariel. But growing up watching t.v. shows like Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder or Sesame Street keep Ariel's spirits up.

After a while Ariel was out of the foster system & pushed out to figure life out for herself. She got a job at Starbucks & lives with a friend in Cary N.C. But that didn't last to long cause they couldn't keep up with the raising rent cost. So they both decided to live in their car after a while. Times got even harder as having to move from spot to spot, chased from area to area. She got fired from Starbucks cause of co-worker complaints. Food got harder to get & not many opportunities out there for their situation.

But that's until Ariel across a construction site. She ran out there in the midst of their work & begged the man in charge for a job. At 1st he was not with the idea of hiring her on his site, only cause Ariel at the time was small & literally came out of the blue. But that didn't stop Ariel from giving up. She showed up at that construction site everyday. Knocking on his trailer door. She walk from where ever the car was with her friend & show up ready to work. She would constantly listen to Les Brown on her phone giving her the motivation every morning to show up at the site in the same clothes as yesterday.

The Site manager asked one day "Why do you wear the same clothes?"

Ariel"Cause I'm homeless & need a job & I love construction."

Site Manager "Can you carry a pen & take good notes?"

Ariel "I won't let anything get past me!"

Since then Ariel has been the secretary of that construction company & got her & her friend out of living in the car.

But her aspirations to start her own construction company has not stopped. She has partnered with The Preppy Family to get her LLC & other business needs done. So now the next step is finding her own crew & getting her 1st job. She is saving up now & really getting out in the community. She also has plans on hiring other children coming out the foster care system so they can get a leg up in life.

Soon the whole world will be introduced to Ariel Bradford Construction!

Thank You for reading!

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