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Wix Education Courses

Wix Education covers a range of curricula and lesson plans across four learning spaces: an introductory course, a course on web creation, a course on web design, and a course on web development. Each topic is designed to nurture self-expression, learning by exploring and creative thinking.

Each course offers a full suite of lesson plans, presentations and activities, which give you everything you need to teach web creation. 

The first three courses take a no-code approach to creative thinking, while the fourth—web development—offers pathways for coding on the web.

intro to the editor.webp

10 Lessons

Intro to Wix and the Web

Here you will express yourself by exploring the basics of the Wix Editor and website design. The Wix Editor contains hundreds of stunning, customizable elements that students can experiment with and explore to create their own sites. In this first course, you will learn how to add and personalize images, text, shapes, strips, and more to bring their ideas to life with professional tools.

web design_1.webp

11 Lessons

Web Design

Students can take inspiration from Wix’s professional design practices and cutting-edge theories to create websites that show off their ideas in compelling ways. They’ll explore visual design elements like color, typography, composition, animation, and branding. Students will not only express and nurture their visual creativity, but learn about how visual design can impact and enhance the projects and sites they want to create.

Web Creation_1.webp

14 Lessons

Web Creation

What are the building blocks of a website? This course focuses on user experience design, and how this practice is used to plan, design, and create websites while thinking deeply about the purposes and people they serve. Students will explore the practices, tools, and mindsets needed to create impactful websites.

Web develompent_1.webp

7 Lessons

Web Development

With Wix, students can skip the setup and go straight into development of web tools and applications — no HTML or CSS required. This course covers the basics of JavaScript and Corvid - the Wix coding language and platform. Students will explore topics such as sequencing, user interactions, loops and variables and will practice them in project-based activities to take their projects to the next level with code.

Pick which one you want to start & let us know in the chat!

*These classes are only offered in the summer time! June 1st - August 7th!*