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The Preppy Family is here again with something NEW!!!!! Committed to supporting education and fostering community engagement. We are excited to introduce our scholarship program, StudenX!

StudenX aims to recognize and reward outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership qualities, and a commitment to their community. The program will provide financial support through scholarships, opportunities for networking, and a platform for students to connect with local businesses!

Key Features of StudenX:

  • Scholarships: We propose awarding three students with a scholarship of $15,000 each. These scholarships are intended to alleviate the financial burden associated with higher education and encourage students to pursue their academic goals with determination.

  • Local Business Lunch: As part of the program, the selected students will be treated to lunch from a local business. This not only supports the local economy but also exposes students to the diversity and richness of the community.

  • Networking Event: To enhance the student's understanding of the professional world, we plan to organize a networking event. This event will provide an opportunity for the selected students to meet and interact with local business owners, politicians, and other community leaders.

  • Certification of Excellence: Each scholarship recipient will receive a Certification of Excellence, acknowledging their academic achievements and contributions to the community. This certificate can serve as a valuable addition to their academic portfolio.

Collaboration and Support: We seek collaboration with any educational institution in promoting and facilitating the StudenX program. We are open to working closely with the school administration to ensure a seamless implementation process and to address any specific needs or preferences.


The Preppy Family is dedicated to investing in the future of our community by supporting the education and development of its youth. We believe that the StudenX program will not only provide financial assistance to deserving students but also foster a sense of community pride and achievement.

Talk to us in the chat to learn more!
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