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The Preppy Family


Craft engaging emails that get results.

We assemble eye-catching, high-impact emails in moments. Customizing every aspect for a completely branded email campaign that captivates your audience and renders perfectly on any device.

Connect and convert like never before with SMS marketing.

The best strategy to strengthen your relationship with your audience and increase return on investment is to combine SMS and email marketing. We make it simple to begin.

Use smart segments to maximize return on investment.

Utilize the client information you already have to create highly targeted segments and send emails that are highly customized and catered to each recipient's unique interests to increase email engagement. The quickest method to boost conversions now and create lasting connections is to do this.

Dedicated to your success.

Whether it’s technical support or ongoing strategic services, our team of experts has you covered.

We've got your back

Contact our distinguished customer service staff at any time, and a member of our email marketing and automation team will respond with all the information you require.

Partner with our expert services team

Partner with a member of our team for strategic and ongoing support. They will offer advice on everything from account setup to best practices for deliverability and beyond.

Let's Get Started!
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