Start - Up








President's Club


Value: $10,400



Value: $13,390

Value: $5,385

Value: $3,200

Value: $1,400

Creating your LLC, INC, or Non - Profit

Social Media Business Page Creation 

Small Business Development Services

Small Business Social Media Marketing Consultation

Business Cards Creation

Signs, Banners, Posters, etc...

Logo Design

Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Website Creation (Including E-Commerce Sites)

E-Mail Marketing

Facebook Ads

100 General Social Content Ready Made

Basic SEO

Content Creation

Affiliate Marketing

Essential Bookkeeping

Virtual Assistant

Enhanced SEO


Google Adwords

5 Top - Notch YouTube Videos a Week

Start - Up (Monthly)

Partner (Monthly)

Leadership (Yearly)

Executive (Yearly)

President's Club (Yearly)

Chairman's Club (Yearly)

Top - Notch Google Adwords

Enhanced Facebook Ads

Ability to advertise with the Family

3x A Day E-Mail Marketing

Advanced Bookkeeping

Daily Content Creation

Instagram Ads

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

One (1) Complimentary Small Business Social Media Marketing Consultation

Coupons, & other Discount cards for your business

Subscription to The Preppy Family weekly

Influencer Outreach

Professional Grant Writing

Business Anniversary Celebrations Yearly! (Over the Top)

Research Articles, & emails on what's going on in your niche.

Post Job listing on different Job Listing events

LinkedIn post & engagement with top companies on your business behalf

We handle all marketing needs above & beyond!

3x A Day Content Creation

Monthly Books that every Entrepreneur needs


Text Marketing

NFT Marketing 

Business Investing

Enhanced Instagram Ads

Paid Search Advertising

Enhanced E-Mail Marketing

Blog Development & CopyWriting

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Paid YouTube Advertising

Updated & Upkeep on Business Material

Enhanced Affiliate Marketing

Enhanced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

3 Top - Notch YouTube Videos a Week

Podcast Advertising/ Endorsements

YouTube Ads/ Endorsements

3 YouTube Advertising/ Endorsements

Personal Newsletter

Lead Generation

Sales Funnel

Conversion Optimization

Instagram Ads

Mobile Marketing