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The Preppy Family has noticed that a lot of churches in our area are having a hard time surviving during these trying times. During Coronavirus multiple churches went out of business. It's a tough thing to see. Also, because of inflation a lot of small churches are dealing with more difficult times.


One last problem is a lot a of small churches don't have the means or money for marketing companies to bring awareness to them which keeps a small church small no matter the potential they may have.



We have come up with a Blueprint that solves this problem with YouTube! This idea will not only bring awareness to the church but it will also bring in funds for the church. Your church will not only have the many members they may have in the church but the billions of people online that watch Youtube every single day.

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Check Out Our Blueprint

This blueprint works w/ churches of every size. Big or small! No matter if you got 5 ppl or as big as a T.D. Jake's Church. It's a platform that will build & as long as you put the work in & it's super easy. Also, it doesn't matter where that church is we are already partnering w/ churches from Durham N.C., Kingstree S.C. to Atlanta G.A.

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